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For vessels pill - it's bitterness. This fact was established in 1989

For the first time about him said Dr. D. Abertay (cardiovascular surgery, office of Dr. Pietri, Amiens CNU). During a conference at Northwestern College French vascular surgery, he made a report on cardiovascular diseases such as breast and intestinal angina, heart attack, suddenly occurring cerebrovascular accident (AVS) in women who take the pill. Dr. D. Abertay said: "It is not true that the mini-pill or tablet mikrodozirovannye have a more efficient impact. If they are receiving compared to the highly-dose pills and reduces venous thrombosis, the atherogenic risk of the same."

The tablets are another form of pollution, which has practically done with the tacit consent laboratories political circles. Estra-progestativnye pills are widely used without the proper conduct of clinical trials within the mandatory time, that is over 15 years.

In the summer of 1994, German researchers have found cancer properties pills "Diane-35" produced Sheringovskoy laboratory.
During the summer of 1994 members of the Institute developed a technique for toxicity testing tsiprotenona acetate. This drug is part of the "Diane-35." On this issue there have been two studies. The first - in early 1994, Public Research Institute of Radiation and Environment, the Noyeherberga, located near the city of Munich and financed 90% by the Federal Ministry of Research. In this in vitro and in vivo were studied liver cells of rats. The second study, which was published in June 1994, was conducted by Pharmacological Institute at the University of Genoa (Italy). We studied human liver cells. These two studies led to the same conclusion: acetate tsiprotenona damages DNA, which implies there exists the risk of cancer formation ...

Health impact
Here is a summary of health effects:

  • change of the blood with an increase in the number of platelets and the formation of blood clots in the vessels of various organs;
  • nocturnal leg cramps with swelling of the veins as a result of thickening of vessel walls and subsequent blocking of metabolic waste that linger in the bloodstream;
  • the risk of thrombosis with thickening of the inner walls of blood vessels;
  • decrease in elasticity of blood vessels with the possibility of internal bleeding. It is considered that the risk of internal bleeding in the peripheral tissues of the brain increases 6-fold for those who take pills, and 22 times for those who still smoke, and (Dr. E. Grant);
  • increase in blood pressure with all the attendant consequences;
  • depression, sometimes very deep, which would lead to a suicide attempt.

(Louis Brower, MD
"Pharmaceutical and Food Mafia", page 149)

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