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After diagnosing the patient’s cancer (cancer), begins an active struggle for his life. But in such struggle the organism of the patient is greatly depleted, it weakens the immune system, there is a strong intoxication. Can develop a variety of related chronic diseases. Consequently, the body needed help to return to normal life, to prevent the formation of metastases and occurrence of relapse.

In the medical center "Onkoimunezer" a rehabilitation of cancer patients according to a unique methodology developed by Vasilishina Valentina Leonidovna within phytotherapeutic drugs in the system recovery.

The main goal of this technique is the alignment of body, overcoming his tumor, the optimal conditions of vital functions, and recovery process of metabolism.

The main principle of the technique is the so-called principle of "Golden mean", more precisely the exclusion of any influence on the organism of various extreme States that are Rockin ’ the homeostatic system (for example, a long heat treatments, cold water, starvation).

Rehabilitation after chemotherapy, which is performed phytotherapeutic methods that can be used by the patient as a preparatory step before beginning the traditional treatment, which includes radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery. Also, this technique is effective as a treatment after chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and prevention of any diseases.

Rehabilitation of cancer patients

Rehabilitation after radiation therapy or chemotherapy using phytotherapeutic preparations involves ingestion of complex or simple forms, spirit-water, water extracts, elixirs, tinctures, salves, syrups, oils, ointments, jellies and other forms made from medicinal plants.

These herbal drugs have dose-dependent nature for the patients who were treated in cancer institutions, and they need to correct the maximum dose taken in the body, using the entrance gate of the body.

Extract, which includes 207 trace elements and the chemical composition close to blood plasma, once in the human body, it restores all the functions of systems and organs.

Boarding houses and sanatoriums for patients with cancer, in-patient departments of rehabilitation after chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which uses a unique methodology , provide its patients a warm atmosphere, while medical staff ecosafety doing everything possible to restore the health of the patient.

Rehabilitation of cancer patients in Onkoimunezer:

  • modern diagnostic equipment and the latest equipment for examination and treatment;
  • psychological care of cancer patients;
  • gym , swimming pool, therapeutic physical training;
  • individual approach to all patients;
  • immunization of the organism, excretion of toxins;
  • cleansing, detoxification, treatment and rejuvenation of the whole body and not individual organs;
  • cozy single chamber.

Methodology in the framework of phytotherapeutic drugs in the system of healing used successfully in the process of rehabilitation and healing the body after surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Patients with malignant and benign tumors and other serious diseases after using this technique had a sustained recovery.

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