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The medical director Breast Clinic Pinhosevich Elena (Moscow):

"80 - 85% of patients, which are aimed at removing allegedly benign breast tumor in the surgical treatment is not needed. It's a crime to cut everything. "

Professor of Medicine Sinyakov Alexander (Russia):
"After the surgery, even the most radical and held to the same in the early stages of cancer, there is no guarantee that the body is not preserved or not reappeared tumor cells. Even if they are isolated, the operation gives the patient a reprieve. It will take some time, and the tumor arise again. "
"No radical surgery or radiation therapy or chemotherapy, aimed directly at the destruction of malignant tumor, can not eliminate the organism susceptibility to cancer. All of this super-powerful treatment can not protect against the recurrence of the tumor, in fact, to some extent, contributes to this, as sharply lowers the immune response. "

Doctor of Medical Sciences Vladimir Moiseenko (Ukraine) dedicated oncology for decades:
"Attempts to kill cancer cells by means of different methods have failed. So far, no highly specific anticancer drugs that affect malignant cells and not poison the patient. "Ehilessovoy heel" of almost all anticancer drugs are their high toxic properties, the removal of which leaves no less effort than the search for new medicines "

KA Galakhin, VF Konovalenko, T. Gordienko. Institute of Oncology AMS of Ukraine, Kiev:
"Malignant tumor - melanoma of the skin (MC) because of its aggressive biological properties of cancer is not inferior, and often surpasses it in terms of tumor progression, the frequency of recurrence and metastasis, the brevity of life.

It is known that the classical approach in the treatment of patients with MC is a surgical technique of radical removal of the tumor with a space within a healthy skin and underlying soft tissue down to the fat tissue with subsequent courses of adjuvant biotherapy for the prevention of recurrence and metastases. Based on personal experience of diagnosis and treatment of 1800 patients revealed that the metastatic tumor in the first year after removal of MC occur in 40% of patients by the third year this figure increases to 60%, while the five-year milestone manifest metastases in 70% of patients.

On repeated attempts to preoperative irradiation using the MC, the effect on her laser and magnitotermiey, cryosurgery and other local physico-chemical factors periodically mentioned in the literature, but these attempts were met with cautious optimism on the part of oncologists and do not find wide clinical application. This is a common opinion the special malignant MK, when even if you suspect it should not have a biopsy or any of the pre-treatment effects. The diagnosis of "melanoma skin" is often associated with fatal outcome, not only among patients but also among doctors. "

(News of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ukraine, № 1 January 2008)
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