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 "Onkoimunezer" - the union of the structures of medical, rehabilitative, recreational and scientific activities

"The physician must be the servant of nature, not its enemy. It should
guide and direct her in the struggle for life and not to bring
obstacles on the road to recovery ... "

"There is nothing that could deliver a mortal body from death,
but there is something, which is able to postpone death, to return
youth and prolong short human life "(Paracelsus)


For over 25 years working in the field of medicine, we sought to reconstruct the whole body from many serious and fatal diseases, using the experience of many generations in the field of medicine and herbs, local and foreign physicians and specialists who serve the spirituality and psychology.

Difficulty of treatment, recovery and rehabilitation of critically ill patients are engaged in the world, including our team of scientists, doctors and specialists, under the leadership of the world famous academician of four international academies of sciences, a professor of Beijing Hospital Savelova Alexander and MD Valentine Vasilishina international level, and other famous personalities in the field of medicine.

To date, the available results of our work and our other friendly groups working successfully around the world, we can confidently assert that recovery would not help any super-expensive medications, procedures, and doctors, if a person does not change his lifestyle and his thinking about themselves and the environment.

For many years the results have exceeded all known global reach, as evidenced by medical reports themselves and ex-patients with severe cancer (chemotherapy, radiation, operations), cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, multiple sclerosis, tumors (cysts , adenoma), and other diseases.

Treat need not a disease but the cause, and then the body will be completely healthy, no matter how the diagnosis came from the patient (see videootzyvy, PHOTO and historical chronicle.)

The clinic used mainly treatment, preparations made ​​from medicinal plants clean nature of Baikal, Altai, Northern Caucasus, the Far East and the Carpathians.

Applying the Methodology of academic Savelova AM, which has no analogues in the world, in accordance with the principles of the health of Ellen G. White and thousands of people with a variety of serious and incurable diseases, including cancer, around the world have received life-saving health and returned to normal and fulfilling life.

In the clinic, "Onkoimunezer" staffed by physicians and medical personnel, adhering to the principle of the famous alchemist and physician Paracelsus: "There is nothing that could lift a mortal body from death, but there is something, which is able to push the die, and return the youth to extend the brief human life."

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