Сancer of the eye

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Tumors (cancer) of the eye may be primary (formed from the tissues of the eye) and secondary (metastatic cancer of other organs).

Among the tumors of the eye occur as benign (choroidal hemangioma, choroidal nevus, tumor age, benign tumors of the orbit) and malignant (intraocular melanoma, intraocular lymphoma, retinoblastoma).

  • Choroidal hemangioma - a benign tumor of blood vessels germinating eyes. Choroidal nevus - like cutaneous nevi, has a tendency to malignancy, and pererostaniyu in melanoma.
  • Tumors of the century - the most common disorders are dermoid cyst.
  • Prone to recurrence. Tumors of the orbit - usually develop from fat and lymphoid cells.
  • Intraocular melanoma - the most frequent malignant tumor of the eye. Can lead to complete loss of vision and eye. As cutaneous melanoma is very aggressive and rapidly progressing.
  • Intraocular lymphoma - tumor rarely found in the lymphoid tissue of the eye.
  • Retinoblastoma - one of the most common tumors of the eye that develops from cells of the retina. Her symptoms and signs of a change in color with a black pupil, the yellow or white.

Diagnosis of tumors (cancer, tumors) of the eye is the careful examination of the affected eye with the help of ultrasound, computed tomography, cytological and histological examination of biopsy.

Treatment of tumors (cancer, tumors), the eye is usually surgical. It involves the removal of the tumor, or, if extensive lesions, removal of the eye. Surgical treatment of complete radiation and chemotherapy.

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