Cervical cancer

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I. The etiology and prevalence of

  • Incidence. With 50s. XX century. Mortality from cervical cancer has decreased by 50%. This is mainly due to early diagnosis and timely treatment.
  • Sexual Life. Risk factors for cervical cancer - early age at onset of sexual activity, early first pregnancy, a large number of sexual partners and sexually transmitted diseases through, especially infection caused by human papilloma virus.
  • Infection caused by human papilloma virus. Shown that human papilloma virus contributes to the development of dysplasia and cervical cancer
  • Smoking. There is evidence that smoking significantly increases the risk of cervical cancer.

II. Pathologic anatomy and flow

  • Histological structure. Approximately 80% of cases diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, 20% of cases - adenocarcinoma.

III. The clinical picture

  • Complaints. In cancer of the cervix early stages are marked discharge from the genitals, usually bleeding after sexual intercourse. In the later stages there are malodorous discharge, weight loss and symptoms of urinary tract obstruction.

III. Treatment

  • Operation.
  • Simultaneous chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Compared with postoperative radiotherapy simultaneous chemotherapy and radiation therapy reduces the incidence of progression by 30-50% and increases the three-year survival rate for 10 - 15%.

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