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Extract "Vivaton", included in all products derived from the collection of medicinal plants. (Conclusion MOH № 05.03.02-03/44266 from 19.09.2006; № 05.03.02-03/83272, from 22.12.2009, the)

"Vivaton" was highly praised his performance of 150 leading research institutes, clinics, laboratories and medical centers.

Action: Extract feature is its marked ability to penetrate intact skin and at the same time trasportirovat substance dissolved in it, creating a depot at the site of application and, thus, increasing their pharmacological activity.

"Vivaton" restores not only the exchange and neurohumoral processes in tissues, but also the blood and lymph flow, while providing a harmonious combination of wellness, preventive and aesthetic activities:

  • normalize metabolic processes;
  • significantly boosts the immune defenses;
  • relieves stress and fatigue, provides surge of vitality, energy and vigor;
  • qualitatively improve the skin, the body is its smoothing and alignment, increases firmness and elasticity.

The important thing is that "Vivaton" affects not only all the layers of the skin, but also in muscle tissue, thereby ensuring a long, lasting effect of the previous procedure.

People who regularly use "Vivaton" with increased exposure of vegetable extracts, prolong their lives, much less get sick and stay young for long.

"Vivaton" normalize acid-base balance in the body. It is proved that in an acidic environment thrive and reproduce well cancer cells.

The drug "Vivaton" also has the following properties:

  • immunomodulators and is immunoprotector;
  • supplying the body a wide range of nutrients;
  • improves the microcirculation of lymph and blood in the capillaries and normalize the skin tissue respiration;
  • activates antioxidant systems, rejuvenates the body regenerates and restores the tissue, including and bone;
  • helps restore the cell membranes;
  • an antiviral and antibacterial broad spectrum of action;
  • elevated body temperature, acts as an antipyretic, relieves swelling and pain;
  • strengthens the hair roots and restores their growth;
  • relieves stress and depression, has a calming effect on the nervous system;
  • restores the body after physical overloads, etc.

"Vivaton" contains 200 ingredients (including 33 anti-oxidant) and chemical composition similar to blood plasma

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