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The treatment uses herbs from "God's pharmacy" drugs made ​​from plants and a unique method of rehabilitation of cancer patients, developed by Academician sovmesno Savelov AM and physician Vasilishina VL in accordance with the principles of God's messenger health of Ellen G. White, a work containing over 2,000 pages and over 150 years is unparalleled in the world.

In offices where used medicinal herbs and preparations of the plant in accordance with the Methodology, critically ill patients who have undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiation surrounds the warm atmosphere of love and caring doctors and nurses.

Application of the principles in the work of spirituality is the foundation of a complete restoration of health.
Illnesses accumulate for decades - for life. Surgery or pills can not be cured, it is possible only for a short time to remove the symptoms or hearth. The disease occurs with lightning speed on the same site or on other bodies weakened, affecting the whole entire body. Need to remove the cause.

Necessary to treat the whole body, not separate entities. Organism - it is a homeostasis - a single interconnected system.

The method has been successfully used in the process of rehabilitation and healing the body after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Patients with benign tumors and other serious illnesses after the application of this technique had a full recovery.

 The path to recovery

"... For I am the Lord who heals you ..."
Ex. 15:26

Healing occurs through the fundamental principles of health:

I. The principle of spirituality;
II. The principle of a healthy lifestyle;
III. The principle of a reasonable combination of herbs with conventional medicine.

The principle of spirituality:
"Beloved! I pray you to good health
and successful in everything, as your soul prospers. "

  • Restoration of inner spiritual peace and complete trust in God.
  • The desire to live in peace with others and help them.
  • The principle of a healthy lifestyle:
    • abundant use of fresh water - full content of cells and purification of toxins.
    • Identify the products for utility, the quality of their preparation and correct use;
      • limitation and exclusion of the protein products of animal origin;
      • the complete exclusion of all products and components of conservation of fermentation (especially yeast, baking soda, vinegar and sugar).
  • The principle of reasonable combinations of herbs, traditional medicine:
  • Establishing the causes of the disease by examination of the doctor - a specialist and survey results;
  • The gradual restriction of the previously designated and used pharmaceutical drugs until their withdrawal.
  • Individual preparation regimens and the use of herbs and herbal preparations made ​​from plants, which are reducing agents and adjusters immune system and the most powerful antioxidants.

"And God said, Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed which is upon the whole earth and every tree whose fruit tree yielding seed: to you it shall budetv food"
Genesis 1:1,29

1. Harmony of physical nature with nature:

- Regulation of the use of sunlight strengthens the immune defense;
- Maintaining cleanliness and purification of water tempering the body;
- Exercise and healthy work restoring the function of all organs;
- The right regular rest promotes recovery;
- Refusal of harmful substances and practices.

2. Proper and healthy food:

"Physician heal - heals God!"

They provide:

  • cleaning the body of toxins and fecal debris;
  • normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • recovery of acid-base balance of the body;
  • recovery of blood parameters;
  • restoring the functions of all organs and systems;

The result of treatment - the removal of the diagnosis.

Some conclusions of preclinical and clinical studies used herbal medicines:

  • The drug has anti-tumor effect and can be applied in the clinic for patients with precancerous diseases and to prevent recurrence and metastasis after primary treatment for malignancies;
  • Taking the drug does not cause side effects, adverse;
  • The drug is a potent immunomodulators and immunoprotector;
  • It improves the microcirculation of lymph and blood in the capillaries of the skin and normalize tissue respiration. Provides a wide range of body of nutrients;
  • Activates antioxidant systems, rejuvenates the body regenerates and restores the tissue, including and bone. Helps restore the cell membranes. Swelling and pain;
  • Is antiviral and antibacterial broad spectrum of action;
  • has significant antimetastatic effect on the model of spontaneous metastasis kartsenomy LLC and reveals antitumor activity;
  • Eksperimetalnye data obtained during the evaluation of genetic activity of the drug, showed no mutagenic effect of the investigated drug in somatic and generative cells of mammals;
  • A feature of the extract is expressed in its ability to penetrate intact skin and simultaneously convey the substance dissolved in it, creating a depot at the site of application and, thus, increasing their pharmacological activity;
  • normalizes metabolism and acid-base balance in the body;
  • relieves stress and depression, has a calming effect on the nervous system at elevated temperature acts as a febrifuge.
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