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In the process of rehabilitation used medicinal herbs of "God's Pharmacy" and the unique method of rehabilitation of cancer patients, developed by Academician sovmesno Savelov Vasilevsky and physician Vasilishina Valentina L. in herbal medicines in the recovery of "Vivaton."

The main purpose of the system is to bring the human body into a state of balance of metabolic processes to the optimum conditions of his life.

The basic principle is the principle of "golden mean", ie exclusion effects on the human variety of extreme conditions that are rocking the homeostasis system (long-term thermal and cold procedures, starvation, etc.).

Effectiveness of drugs in the system "Vivaton" which are unique, confirmed international recognition:

  • International Prize Albert Schweitzer (UNESCO) - for its contribution to improvement of mankind;
  • Golden Grand Prix "Europe '98" (Madrid);
  • Gold Medal of the Parliament of South Korea - for the recovery of the nation;
  • Honorary Professor of Beijing Hospital "Juan C" and many other high honors.

At the conclusion of the Institute of Oncology AMS of Ukraine "The drug has an anticancer effect Vivaton and can be applied in the clinic for patients with precancerous diseases and to prevent recurrence and metastasis after primary treatment of malignancies."

At the moment, prepared materials for this method to consider the Nobel Committee for obtaining this prestigious award.

In-patient rehabilitation in sanatoria and boarding houses where drugs are used and the method "Vivaton" to rehabilitate severely affected patients who underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, patients with a warm atmosphere surrounded by love and caring doctors and nurses. They are used in our work principles of spirituality, that is the foundation of restoring the health of the patient.

Illnesses accumulate for decades - for life. Operation or tablets can not be cured, you can only remove the symptoms for some time or focus.

The disease appears again on the same site or on other bodies weakened, affecting the whole entire body.

Need to remove the cause.

Necessary to treat the whole body, not separate entities. Organism - it is a homeostasis - a single interconnected system.

The method has been successfully used in the process of rehabilitation and healing the body after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Patients with benign tumors and other serious illnesses after the application of this technique had a stable recovery.

 Methods of rehabilitation of phytotherapeutic treatment

The method of rehabilitation phytotherapeutic treatment, further treatment may be used as a preliminary to the traditional core of the treatment, including surgery, pharmacological treatment, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, can also be combined with the treatment and apply after this treatment. This method is effective as self-treatment, and prevention of all kinds of diseases.

Practice has shown that this method of treatment for severe conditions a patient treated at the clinic, most rezultativen in a hospital, where the health worker can maintain maximum 2-3 patients (see "List of manipulation during the rehabilitation of phytotherapeutic treatment").

This method is labor intensive, but very effective and used in practice, when conventional medicine refuses to treat a patient because of inability of the body receive any treatment.

The method includes simple and complex forms of water, ethanol-water extracts and tinctures, salves, elixirs, oils, ointments, syrups, jellies and other forms made from plants.

These are herbal dose-dependent nature for patients treated in onkozavedeniyah, and they need to properly apply the maximum dose in the body, using the front gate of the body (a small dose of feeding the tumor, the average dose is ineffective, only the maximum dose is determined by a specialist, depending on state of the organism, is highly effective.) Special gateway are the skin, through which the liquid is fed dent manner extract from plants, water-based, with the addition of ammonia, pure extract of which falls into the capillary network, and the ammonia evaporates, contributing to the expansion of pores in the skin.

Once in the body extract "Vivaton", which includes 207 of trace elements and chemical composition it is close to the plasma and restores the function of organs and systems: the cell membrane is taken by her desired trace elements (potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, iron, zinc and , etc.). Example: The amount of trace elements in the Tibetan mummy of 47.

This extract, in particular the calculated dose is a powerful immunomodulator and promotes the formation of phagocytes and lymphocytes (so-called cell-Warriors) that block tumor growth, followed by its destruction.

"Scientists have discovered that one hundred cells in our body, there is one belonging to its armed forces. This is a great army, which consists of approximately one trillion white blood cells. Here are some of the many functions performed by these mobilized for combat "soldiers":
Phagocytes - is armed with "infantry", which first appeared on the battlefield. They absorb germs and dissolve them with a potent enzymes (enzymes).


  • Destroy the cells infected with viruses
  • Hit the cancer cells
  • Produce antibodies.

Lymphocytes perform its unique mission: some of them produce antibodies that destroy the tissues and cells infected with the virus. Other cells show the cancer cells. The rest produce highly specialized weapon - the antibodies are intended to destroy all alien to our organism. "(Magazine" The news about health »№ 4, 2006, p. 10)

The structure used by us fitosborov includes dozens of plants growing in the wild Baikal, Altai, Northern Caucasus and the Carpathians, which are made a special way to copyright academician Alexander Savelova-Deryabina and used as prescribed by a specialist in herbal medicine that has passed additional training this author's method of treatment.

In our practice we use drugs, "Vivaton", which are very effective and used for the prevention and treatment of many serious diseases, both individually and in combination with other drugs. Contraindications and complications in the application of these drugs have been identified.

Using this method of rehabilitation of cancer patients after their primary treatment at specialized medical facilities, avoids recurrence and metastasis. In experiments conducted at the Institute of Oncology AMS of Ukraine from 05.08.03 to the following conclusion: drugs "Vivaton" possess anti-tumor effect, but subject to the introduction of preventive in relation to tumor transplantation. Antitumor effect has a direct dose-dependent nature. Drug can be used in the clinic for patients with precancerous diseases and to prevent recurrence and metastasis after primary treatment for malignant neoplasms.

Using special methods vminaniya (indentation) in the skin covers the maximum appropriate dose of the extract of plants on the basis of vodnonashatyrnospirtovoy showed that the body begins to actively purify lymph and remove toxins and harmful deposits releasing on its way from the bowels of fecal debris. The extra dose of a transit route, not assimilating, oschelachivaya acidified body goes through the exit gate (anal and urethral canals, sweat glands, turning a dark color stools within 1-3 days) after 1-3 weeks of using these medicines.

To ensure the effectiveness of the treatment most suitable for this purpose are the pensions and rehabilitation centers, where you can provide a spiritual preparation for the restoration of mental and emotional condition of the patient, since he had already used various methods of treatment and exhausted physical and spiritual strength in the future are not psychologically ready for a victory over the disease.

Using the principles of rational combinations fitolecheniya traditional medicine, the principles of spirituality and a healthy lifestyle, almost all patients who had serious diseases, including cancer, past the main treatment, the positive dynamics of healing and, in many cases, have a full recovery. It is an experience of more than 25 years of work, including 10 years in geriatric boarding houses.

Thus, revealing the basic principles under which the proposed method works successfully rehabilitate phytotherapeutic treatment of simple and complex forms of water, ethanol-water extracts and tinctures, salves and elixirs alcohol, oils, ointments, syrups, jellies and other forms made ​​from plants, should be at least 3 months (including the inpatient unit in a month for patients with severe disease).

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