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"The power of Christ to stop the disease wonderfully manifested in the past. Today, God invites suffering, that they believe in Him. Man needs God's possibilities ...

At the same time with all the procedures that we use for our patients, should be raised up a simple fervent prayer for the blessing of healing. We need to send patients to the compassionate Savior, and His power to forgive and heal. Through His merciful providence, they can be restored. Specify affected by their counsel in the heavenly court. Tell them that Jesus will heal the sick, if they repent and cease to violate the laws of God. "(Manuscript, 8, sec. 267, 268)

"Let Christ be your mainstay. Betray each case great healer, let Him guide every action. Prayer, Rapture sincerely and with faith, will be heard. This will give confidence and courage to doctors suffering.

I have received instruction on what a patient in our institutions should expect more, thanks to the faith in the doctor's great healer, who during his earthly ministry went to the villages and towns and healing come to Him. He did not deny anyone, but all healed. Let the patient clearly understands that even if invisibly, but Christ is present to bring relief and healing. "(News for Loma Linda with. 355)


"Often a single person, then make another remark:" Why are so dependent on hospitals, why do not we pray for miraculous healing, as did the people of God? " In the early history of our ministry, many were healed by prayer. And some, after having been healed, followed the same path in indulging the appetite, which they followed in the past. They did not live and did not work so as to avoid the disease. They did not show gratitude for the goodness of the Lord to them. Again and again they passed through the suffering due to his negligence and carelessness. As the Lord would be glorified by giving them healing ...?

It should be ensured a place to bring sick people, where they could be taught how to live so as to preserve the health ... "(Manuscript, v. 7,. 378, 379)

God's healing and way of life:

"Many people bring upon themselves the disease, pandering to his whims. Some had lived in harmony with natural laws or principles of purity. Others did not reckon with the laws of health in nutrition, selection of beverages, clothing and excessive exercise. Often some form of defect weakens the mind or body. Having gained the blessing of health, these people, many of them would return to their former way of life, recklessly violating God's laws, physical and spiritual, believing that if God healed in answer to prayer, then they are free to continue destructive lifestyles and indulge his perverted appetite without any restrictions. If God performed a miracle by restoring the health of these people, he would thereby encourage sin.

Labor in vain to teach people to look to God as the healer of their infirmities, if not at the same time convince them to leave an unhealthy lifestyle. In order to receive His blessing in answer to prayer, they should stop doing evil and learn to do good. Their habitat must comply with sanitary norms, they should correct their habits. They must live in harmony with the laws of God: and the physical, and spiritual. "(Ministry of Healing, p. 228)

Healing does not always happen at once:

We all want immediate and direct answers to nashimolitvy, and thereby subjecting themselves to the temptation to succumb to depression when not answering right away, or when he comes in unexpected forms. But God is too wise and kind to answer our prayers and only if the only way we ask Him. He will do for us something bigger and better than the simple execution of all our desires. And because we can trust His wisdom, we should not ask him to give up our will, but we need to understand his intentions and to implement them. It is necessary that our desires and interests melted into his will. These life experiences through which our faith is tested, are for our benefit. Thanks to them, and it becomes clear, true and sincere is our faith, we rely on the Word of God or our faith, as the case may be, is uncertain and changeable. Faith is strengthened when its exercise in practical life. Let the patient by improving our character, it should be remembered that in Scripture there is precious promises for those who are awaiting a decision from God. "(Ministry of Healing, p. 231)

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