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Scientists have discovered a previously unknown state of consciousness that occurs during the "communion with God"

In the famous "Behterevke" - St. Petersburg Institute of psychoneurological them. Bekhterev - in the laboratory of neuro-and psychophysiology conduct unique experiments. Head of laboratory Prof. Valery puts on subjects Slezin hats, entangled in the electrodes, and asks ... to pray.

- After removing dozens of electroencephalograms showing the processes occurring in the human brain during prayer - says Valery Borisovich, - the first time we were able to record an amazing phenomenon.

The fact is that until now science knew three main states of the brain: wakefulness, "fast" and "slow" dreams. And experiments Slezin discovered one, which can be called "prayer" being awake. In this condition, the cerebral cortex as disabled, but the perception of information a person is, bypassing the thought processes and analysis.

Consciousness leaves the body?

On the electroencephalograph is as follows. At the moment of waking cerebral cortex generates the adult alpha-and beta-rhythms bio-currents with speeds ranging from eight to thirty Hertz. When the subjects were immersed in the ecstasy of prayer, it is slowing down the rhythm to a frequency of three biocurrents Hertz. Surviving biopotentials had such low amplitude that is almost approaching a straight line. These slow rhythms are called delta rhythms were observed only in infants up to three or four months. That is, these people have become literally like babies. And having prayed, the volunteers returned to continue the rhythm of electrical impulses to the brain cortex. These neurophysiological processes are the same regardless of what the prayer reads people - Orthodox, Catholic or Muslim.

- I think - still Slezin - although I still can not prove that in such a state of consciousness begins to exist outside the body.

"Be like children"

Many psychiatrists and neurologists known for inexplicable from a rational point of view of the phenomenon when, following prayer facilitated mental disorders, the symptoms do not go on severe diseases. Professor Slezin explains this unusual phenomenon as follows:
- "Prayer" vigil, when the brain is "infantile" state, we need as well as other states. If it's not in my life, the harmony is broken in body and emerging diseases. No wonder the Gospel says: be like children, and be saved. And during the prayer break down abnormal connections between neurons, the person relaxes, stops thinking about the disease, and most importantly - it gets rid of the fear of disease!

Faithful prayer relieve phobias, thereby increasing their immunity. By the way, according to statistics of cancer patients in unresectable stage believers live five years longer.

- Just believe and pray to be properly, - the professor said, - earnestly from the heart, or the therapeutic effect will not be.

Comment specialist

Victor Kagan, MD, professor:

- Study the prayer states of the brain, conducted by Professor Slezin at a high scientific and technical level, meets all the requirements of modern science. The methods used in the study suggest a high degree of reliability of the experiment. It is good that now appear in the Russian science such non-standard scientific works. All the more so that the topics of research related to religion, more recently, was completely absent.


In the United States treat schizophrenia prayer ...

Scientists Theological Seminary in Pasadena and the University of California conducted an interesting study. Through interviews, they analyzed the religious practices of over 400 patients with schizophrenia, severe depression and some other psychiatric illnesses. They found that 80 percent of respondents became true believers in order to cope with despair, attacks of aggressiveness or tearfulness. It turned out heavier than the disease, the more people ask for help in prayer. And his hope for healing is not in vain. Scientists have found a clear correlation: the more time the patient is praying, the easier it is to cope with the symptoms of serious illnesses.

... Korea - Infertility ...

Physicians Research Center Hospital in South Korea "Asan" a series of experiments conducted with women who could not give birth for a long time. During in vitro fertilization in the laboratory include recorded on tape prayers. And 80 percent of these women are able to conceive, and then safely give birth to a healthy baby.

... In Germany - complications after heart surgery

A team of researchers from the University of Aachen, concluded that patients with heart disease suffer from postoperative complications in 20 - 30% less, unless they pray. The experiment involved 150 people. All of them were treated after surgery with traditional methods: drugs, massage. But over half of them were praying representatives of different religions, and neither the patients nor the doctors knew about it. The results exceeded all expectations: people for whom they prayed, discharged from hospital before the control group for two weeks.

(The newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" September 1-8, 2005)
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