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 Vitamin tablets - nothing like a waste of time

A five-year study covering surveillance for more than 20 thousand people aged 40 to 80 years, showed that a daily intake of vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin B and beta-carotene) in the form of tablets has no effect on the development of human heart disease circulatory system, cancer, or violation of intellectual faculties. At the end of the observation it was found that people taking vitamin tablets, had exactly the same percentage incidence of cardiovascular, cancer, cataracts, asthma, brittle bones, a violation of intellectual faculties, as well as those who took dummy pills. In contrast, the drugs reduced the number of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease by one third. Study report was published in the "Daily Telegraph".

Professor Rory Collins reported (Rory Collins), co-author of the report Clinical Research Center, University of Oxford: "For more than five years, we have not found absolutely no effect. Vitamin tablets - it's a waste of time. We found no evidence of protective effects on the organism against the development of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and in general of whatever persuasion. They are safe, but useless. "

Dr Jane Armitage (Jane Armitage) from Oxford University and co-author claims: "The study found that vitamin tablets a waste of money. People could get great benefit to health, if the money spent on fresh fruit and vegetables. Conducted research on the effects and other vitamins, but this study the effect of multivitamin complexes has been the most ambitious. We were disappointed by the end of the study is not surprised. Although originally had high hopes that these drugs will be saving a lot of problems. "
Vitamins were used during the study, are a group of antioxidants that counteract the harmful effects of the so-called free radicals and, consequently, the process clusters on the inner walls of blood vessels and arteries of the oxidation products of "bad" cholesterol - low-density lipoproteins, which in turn increases risk of blood clots and other heart diseases. It was believed that these three vitamin can prevent oxidation of cholesterol and the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Professor Collins admits that the benefits of taking these vitamins may occur many years later. "However, no evidence of a delayed effect, we did not find - he adds. - Medication is aimed at lowering cholesterol levels, taken during the year, continue to exert its effects on the body for five years or more. "
Now significantly increased the number of scientists and experts on nutrition, who doubt that the beneficial effects on the body of fresh fruits and vegetables can be easily reproduced using the pill.

If the daily human diet optimally balanced, if he gets enough vitamins?
Unfortunately, it is not. Physiological needs of the body of vitamins and trace elements are formed of all preceding human life and its power consumption. For example, to get the necessary daily requirement of vitamin B1 1.4 mg, should eat 700-800 grams of bread from wheat flour or a kilogram of lean meat. The official diet of pre-revolutionary Russian Army soldier, the daily energy consumption is reached 5000-6000 kcal, contained 1300 g of black bread and 430 g of meat daily. But who can afford such gluttony without risk to health! During the last two or three decades civilization reduced energy consumption in the human factor of 2-2.5. Proportionately reduced and had their food intake - otherwise inevitable overeating, overweight, and a direct path to diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, etc. Indeed, as the French say, "man digging its own grave own jaws."

But the food - not just a source of energy, it is simultaneously a source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, dietary fiber, polyphenol compounds, bioflavonoids, etc. And by reducing the total amount of food, we will inevitably doom ourselves to vitamin starvation. Even a properly constructed diet for up to 2500 kcal per day, is deficient in most vitamins, at least by 20-30%. Another thing: our diet has lost its former diversity. We did not notice that our breakfasts, lunches, dinners reduced to a narrow standard set of several major groups of products and ready meals. We buy more refined, high calorie, but poor in vitamins and minerals foods (white bread, pasta, confectionery, sugar, all kinds of drinks). In our diet, the share of canned products, long-term storage, processing intensive process that inevitably leads to a significant loss of vitamins. The majority of our countrymen, moreover, is not typical of Westerners good habit to everyday use of a large number of varied greens, vegetables and fruits.

Cooking food: how to keep vitamins?
As a rule, any food before you get to our table, is more or less a long way cooking: cutting, stewing, boiling, frying, baking, etc. All this leads to a decrease in the already low content of vitamins in it. We consider the stability of essential vitamins to external influences:
• Vitamin C is easily destroyed by oxygen. When cooked destroyed by 25-60%.
• Vitamin B1 is resistant to the action of light, oxygen and high temperatures. Easily destroyed in an alkaline medium (for example, adding baking soda to the dough).
• Vitamin B2 resistant to high temperatures, but is destroyed by light and in an alkaline environment.
• Vitamin B6 is resistant to high temperatures, alkali, is destroyed by light.
• Vitamin PP is resistant to light, oxygen, air, temperature effects.
• Vitamin A is destroyed by light, oxygen, and cooking (30%).
• Vitamin D is almost not destroyed by cooking.

A few recommendations:
• Most of the vitamins are destroyed by heat treatment (and the higher the temperature - the faster). Therefore, if possible, better cook than fried, and eaten raw is better than the cook (meaning vegetables and fruits).
• The safety of vitamins and affects cooking time (shorter than it is - the better).
• Produce better under the lid closed - this limits the access of oxygen to the food and, consequently, slows down the destruction of vitamins.
• Catering services can be performed uncut fruits and vegetables. Otherwise, the vitamins are destroyed by atmospheric oxygen and the light.
• Salads should be prepared immediately before serving to stop.
• Large losses of vitamins occur during prolonged storage the prepared dishes, as well as re-heating. Therefore it is better, if possible, to prepare for a meal.

(The magazine "News of the health» № 5 (7), 2006, p. 16)
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